Retro Noises

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Rawdall’s Rise and Shine: Weekdays 6am-9am
Rawdall’s Rewind : Mondays 8pm-10pm

Primal chaos ruled the worlds before I was born. So I was born of time, of Heaven and Earth, Sun and moon, out of a stone egg. I was irrepressible.

My birthplace was like ancient China. And the time might have been a thousand years ago.

I was born to fight- with my friends Holy Tripitaka, One disciple, Sandy, a fish-spirit. And Pigsy, expelled from Heaven for greed, is the spirit of a pig. Everything changes.

We ride with a horse, once a dragon, now evolving into human form. I am monkey, with my crew Horse, Sandy, Pigsy and Tripitaka we are all upon a journey as long as life itself, to serve retro music for all mankind


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